Invitation for Training at the FSO indoor shooting range in Warsaw 25.03.2022

On Friday, March 25 at 18.30-23.00 we invite you to training at the FSO indoor shooting range in Warsaw for 30 people, application deadline 21.03. (the order of applications decides).Training in weapons used on the battlefield along with elements of the theory of behavior in situations requiring the use of weapons will be conducted by our graduate Sławek Łazarski together with other instructors (all former special forces soldiers)

Cost of participation: PLN 100 / person; PLN 50 for people who paid the regular membership fee and free of charge for people who paid the premium fee.

Applications for participation should be sent to the e-mail address:

The price includes renting a shooting range and the cost of ammunition. We have instructors and weapons thanks to Sławek for free.


– – with a GLOCK 17 pistol (3 – 4 types of shooting),

– with a smoothbore shotgun,

– from the Glauberyt 98 submachine gun

– from a military rifle (AK, M4).

We assume 50 ammunition per person.

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