Virtual Business Mixer Invitation – 2020 data: engagement and efficiency from big data perspective – 16 March 12.00-13.30

The Management Board of the Warsaw-Illinois Executive MBA and Executive MBA@UW Alumni Association with the Czech tech-house LutherOne and MCZ UW invite members and supporters of the association to the next free webinar. The ZOOM meeting will give you a unique insight into our data from 2020. We will talk about how the last year changed companies in terms of communication, collaboration and performance, and how circumstances challenge traditional views on motivation, commitment and loyalty.

What will be happening?

Through its collaboration and performance platform, LutherOne continuously collects a wide spectrum of unique data about how companies (across different countries and industries) manage different parts of their business – not just in the context of recent changes. During the meeting, CEO and co-owner of LutherOne, Jiri Baca (ex-CEO of Vodafone, mBank) will present our internal perspective on this data. We will focus on how data can help you manage today and prepare for tomorrow and all the changes it will bring.

The main areas that we will cover are:

  • Clear differences between the first and second wave of the pandemic (including the transition period)
  • Changes in work styles and their impact on employee productivity and efficiency;
  • Significant increase in the stress factor
  • Factors leading to an increased risk of burnout;
  • Impact on employee loyalty;
  • Transformation of collaboration and its consequences for motivation;
  • The growing gap between top management and employees in the perception of the current situation;
  • Significant reduction in the perception of customer importance
  • Recommendations, implications, key challenges for 2021.


About LutherOne:

As LutherOne, a Czech tech-house, we have created an innovative and data-driven platform that is changing the way teams collaborate in the digital age. Our solutions are trusted by the world’s largest companies. From real-time employee engagement surveys and internal communication and collaboration tools, to real-time feedback, to intuitive task and activity planning, LutherOne solutions focus on people and their functioning in the work environment. We work with clients to support the satisfaction and motivation of their employees.

About Jiri:

Forward-looking visionary with proven track record of translating vision into reality. Passion for people experience, data & digital accompanied him on the way to building a greenfield mBank, and within multi-national corporations like GEVodafone & Citi, where he held various CEO/COO/CCO roles.

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