Report from the webinar – “THE POWER OF GRADUATE RELATIONS”

On June 24, the 10th Virtual Business Mixer meeting took place. This time the topic of the meeting was networking in the internet. A great speaker, expert in the field and colleague from the association Paweł Dudek led the meeting, talking about the secrets of effective business networking using social media and online meeting applications.

The meeting was opened by the president of the EMBA @ UW Alumni Association, Sylwester Wybranowski, welcoming all participants, thanking Stefan Karmaza and introducing the speaker, Paweł Dudek. After Sylwester Wybranowski, Dr. Tomasz Ludwicki, director of Executive MBA @ UW, took the floor. Dr. Ludwicki welcomed all participants and spoke about two important changes taking place at the University of Warsaw, which directly affect the Faculty of Management and the International Management Center. First, the election of the current dean of the Faculty of Management, prof. Alojzy Z. Nowak for rector of the University of Warsaw, forced the election of a new dean of the Faculty of Management. Secondly, the closure of the current building, where the MCZ is located, means moving the office and activities to Szturmowa Street. There, the entire floor is currently being renovated, so that the latest technology allows for the delivery of stationary and online classes in the most convenient and professional way.

Paweł Dudek started his webinar by talking about the beginnings of cooperation with the Warsaw-Illinois Executive MBA Alumni Association. As an expert in networking, he knew how to organize meetings and plan further activities so as to associate graduates as effectively as possible, maintain contact and inspire each other  to search for common topics. Thanks to this, the Warsaw-Illinois Executive MBA Alumni Association has become the most dynamic association of this type in Poland. From the very beginning, Paweł emphasized the value of relationships between people. He also indicated that, according to research, joint education has the greatest impact on business cooperation and its positive effects. Colleagues who graduated from the same school have more common points of reference and trust in each other, which results in better outcomes.

Later in the webinar, Paweł Dudek told the participants the most important rules of using social media, so that this work would bring the best results in building a network of contacts and maintaining it. He indicated LinkedIn as the portal that is most often used by entrepreneurs. The lecturer’s advice was about building the content of the message, how to reach the people we care about, and what role our attitude plays in online contacts. The next part of the presentation concerned online meetings. Important aspects concerning the number of people, selection of participants, activities ta king place after the meeting, were discussed. After this part, Paweł raised a very interesting and important topic of measuring the strength of our network of connections. He described two exercises that can be performed to measure the strength of the web. The first is the chain: analyze-stratify-diversify-capitalize. The second exercise was to draw a contact map with four primary guidance questions to help us analyze the strength of the network.

During the summary, the participants learned about the applications that help to connect social networks in order to save as much time as possible. Because, as the speaker said: networking is a mixture of skills, logistic and organizational skills. Networking takes time, and only thanks to good organization of own work can this time be shortened and increase the effectiveness of our activities. It should also be remembered that maintaining qualitative contacts may be more important than making many new ones.

The meeting was very interesting and full of information. Participants attended the live webinar by asking many questions.

We cordially invite you to the next meetings in the Virtual Business Mixer series.