Report from the webinar: 2020 data: engagement and efficiency from big data perspective

On Tuesday 16th March 2021 took place the Webinar Data 2020 I Year of significant changes. The webinar was organized by Alumni Association – Stowarzyszenie Absolwentów Warsaw-Illinois and the speaker was the founder of the Czech Tech-house LutherOne – Jiri Baca (ex-CEO of Vodafone, mBank). LutherOne, through its collaboration and performance platform, continuously collects a wide spectrum of unique data about how companies (across different countries and industries) manage different parts of their business.

Jiri presented very unique and interesting data how main company indicators such as employee engagement, team collaboration, stress level, team performance or employee loyalty were developing during the last year when the pandemic hit us. He provided us the closer look on how the indicators were developing during the first, second and the third pandemic wave and also presented some predictions for year 2021.

It is very important for all companies to know what is happening in the company at every moment and to be able to control and quickly react to the development of all these indicators. This is not possible without the proper tools and solutions such as LutherOne platform that allow you to collect the detailed data on a weekly or monthly basis.