Report from the cruise – Gulf of Naples – September 2021

Cruise log

Our 2021 cruise ran almost entirely in warm and sunny weather. Only on the first day in our charter marina we encountered a short, violent storm with downpour. In addition, the temperature was nice and you could sunbathe on yachts practically throughout the whole cruise. But unfortunately not under sail. There was hardly any wind all week. We sailed symbolically. Most of the time unfortunately on the engine.

The advantage of the calm sea was the possibility of swimming stops on the high seas, with Vesuvius far in the background. And good, because there are not many anchoring bays within the Gulf of Naples. But there are a lot of charming, picturesque towns, with Capri and Positano at the forefront.

Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to visit Capri – there was no place to moor. However, we visited Positano and we confirm that it is worth it.


Saturday, September 4, 2021

Straight from the airport we went to Pompeii, where a Polish guide was waiting for us. Destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in the 1st century CE, this ancient city is so large that it would take at least one full day to explore the entire excavated part. We managed to see the most important places, temples, the main forum, the House of the Faun and the Villa with Mysteries in 3 hours. It is not known why, however, the greatest interest was aroused by the brothel and numerous images of the phallus, which often served Pompeians as the most ordinary signpost. There was no end to the giggling.

After the cultural attractions, we arrived at the Marina De’Arechi in Salerno. The captains picked up the yachts and the crews took care of purchases and supplies.

In the evening, a storm broke out, which effectively disrupted the first evening integration.


Sunday, September 5, 2021

Both boats left the marina without a working bow thruster. The damage occurred during the voyage of the previous crews chartering our boats. Captains were a bit concerned about maneuvering in tight marinas without a stream, but found they did a great job without this facility. By their own or with help …

Help appeared on the same day in Amalfi. This charming town has a small and cramped marina where parking requires masterful skill. All sailing yachts entering the marina experience boarding by a local marinero straight from the pontoon. Marinero takes the helm and asks everyone to sit down and relax. Then, at a very fast pace, with masterful precision, without any help, he brings the yacht to the quay. Our jaws dropped to the floor. Or rather, on board.

In the evening, both crews ate a delicious dinner together and visited the town. Unforgettable views.


Monday, September 6, 2021

The greatest attraction of the morning was undoubtedly the shower in the marina – under the open sky, with an unrestricted view of the sea and vice versa – for the person taking a shower. The male part of the crew was not discouraged.

We left Amalfi with a plan to anchor in Capri. This beautiful island turned out to be so popular that, unfortunately, it was not possible to find a place for our yachts there. We saw the island from the sea and sailed to the port of Sorrento. Our goal did not limit us 🙂


Tuesday, September 7, 2021

From the bustling port of Sorrento, we went to the small island of Procida and moored in the intimate marina of the town of the same name. Tourists rather avoid this island, preferring the richer in experience and views of the Amalfi coast, Ischia and Capri. And wrongly. This quiet town has its own unique local atmosphere that attracts not only sensitive souls but also filmmakers. This is where the Postman (Il Postino) and the Talented Mr. Ripley were filmed.

After a delightful dinner, some of the crew members took a bath in the dark sea, and some watched fondly at the chain carousel where the Italian kids played and teased. Just like us in childhood.


Wednesday, September 8, 2021

After replenishing our supplies with local fresh food, we headed towards Ischia. There are several villages on this fairly large volcanic island, known for its healing thermal waters. We stopped in the port of Sant ‘Angelo.


Thursday, September 9, 2021

When we left Ischia, we hoped to stop at Capri again, but fate did not want to throw us there at any cost. We landed again in Sorrento, this time in the small, quite charming Marina Piccola. We got there early enough that we managed to make a trip to nearby Positano.

First of all, the adventure itself was the departure from the marina, which lies at the bottom of a rocky cliff. The road to the top has such sharp turns that the car is not able to cover them in one go. You have to flex the steering wheel quite well.

Second, Positano is really beautiful, both from the sea and from the mainland. This is where we took a group photo of both crews together, wearing our Association’s T-shirts.


Friday, September 10, 2021

The last day of the cruise is a lazy return to Salerno. In the evening we said goodbye to each other, the Bay of Naples and the neighboring boats in a mixed Slavic-Greek-Old Roman style. Ultimate melange, as the juvenile crew of one of the neighboring boats called it. Film and photo documentation of this event will remain exclusively among its participants.


Saturday, September 11, 2021

On Saturday we went in different directions – some of the team went directly to the plane to Warsaw, some to visit Naples, and some of them were conquering Rome for a few more days.

The abandoned boats left only women’s slippers and one men’s sandal.

Despite the poor sailing conditions, the whole trip was very successful and will remain in our memory for a long time.

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