Report and fotogallery from the ​canoeing trip on the Pilica River

On August 21 and 22 this year there was a two-day canoeing trip on the Pilica River. 18 people participated in the canoeing trip. We were accommodated in the Mazowiecki Hotel in Tomaszów Mazowiecki. Some of the participants came to the hotel on Friday and started to integrate earlier. On Saturday we sailed on the route Spała – Zakościele (10 km), with one stop at the grill-bar in Teofilów.

Saturday’s canoeing trip ended with an integration event with a barbecue and a bonfire. Traditionally, there was no shortage of singing to the accompaniment of two excellent guitarists and vocalists (Piotrek and Darek). There were also other auxiliary musical instruments that others could play. On Sunday, we swam on the Zakościele – Mysiakowiec route (11 km).

The event was very successful, the weather was great as usual. Pilica is not only a beautiful, wide river, but also a natural and recreational area with numerous monuments and a rich history. The river Pilica is very fast. The winding riverbed is made up of many islands, a peninsula, backwaters, loops, arches and meanders.

On Sunday, at the end, some of the participants also visited the Romanesque Church of Saint Giles in Zakościele. This church was erected in 1086 by Władysław Herman and today is a zero class monument.