Ordinary General Meeting of the Warsaw-Illinois Executive MBA and Executive MBA @ UW Program Alumni Association “Nowy Świat”

Pursuant to §13 section 4 and sec. 6 of the Statute of the Association of Warsaw-Illinois Executive MBA and Executive MBA @ UW “Nowy Świat” Program Alumni, the Board of the Association convenes the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Members, which will be held on March 10, 2020 at 6.30 pm in Warsaw at 4 Nowy Świat Street in the International Management Center of the University of Warsaw, room 200 (main lecture hall).

If in the event tere will be absence of at least 1/4 entitled to vote in the above-mentioned time, pursuant to §15 section 2 of the Articles of the Association’s Statut, the Management Board sets an additional date for the General Meeting for March 10, 2020 at 19.00 in Warsaw at ul. Nowy Świat 4 at the International Management Center of the University of Warsaw, main lecture hall. According to the Articles of the Association’s Statut, “The General Meeting held on the second date is valid regardless of the number of participants entitled to vote, subject to §15 sec. 3 of the Statute. “

Agenda of the Annual General Meeting:

  1. Opening of the Annual General Meeting.
  2. Election of the Chairman and Secretary.
  3. Determination of the General Meeting’s ability to adopt resolutions.
  4. Adopting the agenda.
  5. Election of the Returning Committee.
  6. Discussion on changes in the Management Board and the Audit Committee.
  7. Appointment and dismissal of members of the Management Board or supplementing the composition of the Management Board.
  8. Appointment and dismissal of members of the Audit Committee or supplement composition of the Audit Committee.
  9. Establishing the amount of the membership fee.
  10. Listening to the Management Board’s information on the activities in 2019, approving the 2019 Financial Statements and acknowledging the fulfillment of duties by members of the Management Board.
  11. Discussion and possible resolution on amendments to the Articles of the Association’s Statut.
  12. Hearing the Management Board’s proposal regarding the planned activities in 2020 and a discussion.
  13. The adoption of the Association’s activity plan for 2020.
  14. Resolution on consent to the Association incurring financial liabilities in excess of PLN 30,000 (thirty thousand zlotys) for the organization of the next Alumni Ball.
  15. Any other business.
  16. Closing of the Annual General Meeting.

We cordially invite all Members of the Association and those Alumni of all MBA UW Programs, who are not yet members of the Association, to participate in the EGM and discuss, we encourage you to submit ideas and initiatives, look for sponsors, stand for candidates and get involved in the activities of the Association . If you cannot participate in the EGM in person – consider authorizing another member of the Association to vote on your behalf at the General Meeting. You will find the power of attorney form in the Word version on the Association’s website and after completing it at your discretion and signing it, send a scan of it from your e-mail to piotr.sota@wp.pl or another person who will participate in the General Meeting, titling the e-mail ” MBA – WZ 2020 – power of attorney “. You can send your ideas, proposals and expectations regarding the activities of the Association to the same address, this time with the title “MBA – Proposals”. Alternatively, you can send a paper form of power of attorney by post to the following address: WIEMBA Alumni Association and eMBA @ UW “Nowy Świat” MCZ UW Nowy Świat 4 00-497 Warsaw. We invite you to participate in the events organized by the Association, and above all, as every year, on April 2 at the “Egg” to the Hybrydy Club, and we also invite you to the next Alumni Ball, which will take place on June 20 at The Westin Warsaw Hotel. Inform, persuade and bring friends from your thread. Invite a Partner. Bring business cards for exchange. Help us find sponsors, thanks to which we will be able to finance the cost of participation, as every year. Take part in the sports events we organize: in 2020 and 2021 we plan, among others, sailing cruises in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans and ski trips to the Tatra Mountains and the Alps. If you are not a member of our Association yet – join us. The membership form and other information about the activities of the Association and the upcoming planned events can be found at:


Association board.

Download the power of attorney