Membership fee

Dear members of the Association

Members of the Association, I would like to kindly inform and remind you to pay the membership fee for 2020 to our account.

Note, this year we have an important change in premiums. We introduce two types of contributions:

The current membership fee of PLN 150.

And the “Premium” contribution in the amount of PLN 500.

The basic fee provides support for the activities of the Association and discounts in meetings or events we organize. These activities are described extensively on the website

We would like to thank all those who pay a fee of PLN 150 on behalf of the entire management board. We can work thanks to you !!! In addition to the support, people paying a fee of PLN 150 have discounts at graduate meetings and at the annual MBA Alumni Ball. We will be informing You in seperate posts on out website, but you can already enter a “save the date” in your calendars – on June 20 we are doing a ball for the graduates of our program. This time we meet at the Westin Hotel.

From this year on, we are introducing the “Premium” fee. The person who decides to pay this type of contribution supports the activities more, but also the people who pay the contribution have free participation in every event organized in Warsaw by our Association. The fee is undoubtedly higher, but PLN 500 for enabling the Association to operate and a “ticket” to the annual Alumni Ball, and at least 2 other meetings of alumni organized by our Association. This is an interesting offer  for those who regularly attend meetings.

In conclusion, we remind you about the payment of contributions. Regardless of the contribution you choose, we thank you for the payment. Thanks to you, we work, thanks to you, we are the most dynamic Association of MBA Alumni in Warsaw and maybe in the whole of Poland

Please pay your contributions to the account of the Warsaw-Illinois Executive MBA Alumni Association and Executive MBA @ UW “Nowy Świat” Nowy Świat 4, Warsaw

account number 07 2030 0045 1110 0000 0333 1250

The amount is PLN 150 (or PLN 500 in accordance with the above information).

In the content of the transfer, please write:

Membership fee for 2020 – First name Last name of the graduate / graduate, thread number