Invitation to BUSINESS MIXER at Legii Warszawa 2.04.2022

On behalf of the Management Board of the Warsaw-Illinois Executive MBA and Executive MBA @ UW Alumni Association and Dr. Tomasz Ludwicki, Director of the Executive MBA @ UW Program, we would like to cordially invite you to an integration meeting for EMBA @ UW alumni / students. The meeting is combined with listening to the speeches of representatives of Legia Warszawa and Vectio Sp. z o. o.and the possibility of watching the Legia Warszawa – Lechia Gdańsk match from the stand at the Silver box or with the SKY BOX.Speakers:

Marcin Herra – Managing Vice President – Legia Warszawa S.A. – “Legia Warszawa: key areas of activity, response to the difficult situation and directions for further development”.

Stefan Karmaza – CEO of Vectio Sp. z o.o. – “Practical application of artificial intelligence in digital transformation”

Special guest – prof. dr hab. Grzegorz Karasiewicz – Dean of the Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw

During the event, an auction of sports gadgets and WIEMBA T-shirts was planned. We will use the funds from the auctioned items to help UKRAINE. If any of you would like to allocate something for the auction, it will be appreciated.

Participants: graduates / students of the EMBA @ UW program and accompanying persons. Number of participants: approx. 100-120 people.

Date: Saturday, April 2, 2022. between 17.30 – 24.00 CET

Place: Legia Warsaw (SKY BOX), Warsaw, ul. Łazienkowska 3

Participation cost:

PLN 0 from members of the WIEMBA and EMBA @ UW association who paid the premium fee for 2022 (PLN 500).

PLN 100 from members of the WIEMBA and EMBA @ UW association who paid the membership fee for 2022. (PLN 200).

PLN 200 from other MBA graduates and from accompanying persons

Deadline for payments and applications: Please make payments in the appropriate amounts by March 25, 2022. to the account of the Warsaw-Illinois Executive MBA Alumni Association and EMBA @ UW (account number 07 2030 0045 1110 0000 0333 1250). Payment title: donation for statutory purposes.

Applications for participation, please send to:
In addition to the name and surname, the PESEL number must be provided, and in the case of foreigners, the passport number (all participants will receive tickets for the match by e-mail).

We will have 10 free parking spaces at our disposal, if interested please provide the car brand and registration number (the order of applications decides).

During the event, you will also be able to make a personalized t-shirt (with the association’s logo, UW, L, the flag of Ukraine and your own name / surname – any variants)

Event partners:

Legia Warszawa S.A.

Vectio Sp. z o.o.

International Management Center of the University Warszawski


The Collective


Link to the Linkedin post below, we encourage you to like and share:ńenia-absolwent%C3%B3w-activity-6907241309443362816-MObS

NOTE: the event is intended only for people who have a valid covid passport (green pass)

We cordially remain at your disposal

Sylwester Wybranowski and Krzysztof Pajączek

PS. On Friday, March 25 at 18.30-23.00 we invite you to training at the FSO indoor shooting range in Warsaw for 30 people, application deadline 21.03. (the order of applications decides).

Training in weapons used on the battlefield along with elements of the theory of behavior in situations requiring the use of weapons will be conducted by our graduate Sławek Łazarski together with other instructors (all former special forces soldiers)

Cost of participation: PLN 100 / person; PLN 50 for people who paid the regular membership fee and free of charge for people who paid the premium fee.

Applications for participation should be sent to the e-mail address:

The price includes renting a shooting range and the cost of ammunition. We have instructors and weapons thanks to Sławek for free.


– – with a GLOCK 17 pistol (3 – 4 types of shooting),

– with a smoothbore shotgun,

– from the Glauberyt 98 submachine gun

– from a military rifle (AK, M4).

We assume 50 ammunition per person.

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