Integration event at the FSO indoor shooting range – photo gallery

On July 30, 2021 the EMBA@UW Alumni Association organised an integration event at the FSO indoor shooting range in Warsaw, attended by about 25 graduates of the Executive MBA program. It should be emphasized that our events are attended by more and more graduates of the first cohorts of the WIEMBA Program.Professional and at the same time very varied training was conducted by a graduate of the 27th line, Sławek Łazarski together with Tatiana Matuszelańska.

Due to the number of participants, we were initially divided into 2 groups that fired in separate rooms. In one, it was possible to fire a sports weapon: a revolver, a pistol and a sports rifle. In the second room, on the other hand, we fired the GLOCK 17 pistol, M4 military carbines and a smoothbore shotgun.

One of the M4 rifles was with a collimator and the other with a collimator and scope. The exercises in pairs combined with shooting on the march to the target with GLOCK from different positions and distances on the command of Sławek were very interesting. The series of shooting ended with a very exciting shooting of 6 shots from smooth bore weapons to targets.

Each participant fired about 50 shots within 4 hours.

After the event at the shooting range, some participants continued the integration at the Bielany Wine Bar Station.