Graduation 2021 – report from the ceremony & fotogallery

Last Saturday, September 18, at the Faculty of Management of the University of Warsaw, the Graduation of Students of the XXVII edition of the Executive MBA@UW program took place. This Event was special for us,  because the last year of our Graduates’ education was extremely difficult.

The restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the traditional course of study, forcing Students to participate in online classes. However, these difficult conditions did not prevent our persistent Students in passing their exams and earning the title of Master of Business Administration, which we are extremely proud of. In addition, we are starting the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the MBA program at University of Warsaw. In 1991, the first edition of the joint program of the University of Warsaw and the University of Illinois started classes.

Rector of the University of Warsaw, prof. Alojzy Z. Nowak,  dean of the Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw prof. Grzegorz Karasiewicz, director of the MBA@UW program dr Tomasz Ludwicki and the president of the Alumni Association, Sylwester Wybranowski took part in the Ceremony. We were also honored by the presence of special guests, as well as the families and friends of our Graduates and the Choir of the Collegium Musicum UW. The welcome speech was given by Rector of the University of Warsaw. It refered to the economic challenges facing Poland and the world, and how the education at the University, in particular at the MBA program, can help them in taking action.

The occasional lecture, entitled “About perseverance”, was given by director of the MBA program, dr Tomasz Ludwicki. Dr. Ludwicki introduced key moments in the development of the program – its inception, the end US funding, rebranding, and finally the COVID-19 pandemic. In each of these moments there were people who, despite adversities and in the name of offering the highest quality of education, helped in the survival and development of the program – the authorities of the University and the faculty, as well as lecturers and graduates. Because of their commitment and persistence, the program successfully educates company and corporation leaders, entrepreneurs and employees of administration, which is reflected in the EQUIS and MBA accreditations, as well as in leading places in national and international rankings.

After the speeches, the most important point of the program started – the graduation ceremony. Special congratulations are due to the Students who received the award for the highest grade average. In the Polish-language edition of the Executive MBA@UW program, the awards went to: Anna Łagocka, Marcin Bany, Mariusz Kurzyca and Piotr Barański. In English edition Jolanta Breiteneder, Łukasz Kasperski and Szymon Rutkowski were honoured.

The groups preparing consulting projects also did great. Rector of the University of Warsaw particularly distinguished the following teams:

  • Bartłomiej Chmielowiec, Agnieszka Dudra, Anna Lewandowska and Daniel Zarębski for the project “Strategy for the Development of Patient Telephone Information in the Office of the Patient Ombudsman”
  • Sławomir Łazarski, Sławomir Kutyła, Witold Napierski and Adam Sanocki for the “Development Strategy of Small-Scale Biogas Plant “
  • Mariusz Kurzyca, Marta Nadaryńska and Łukasz Paciorek for the project “Development Strategy of Kłos Bakery”
  • Łukasz Kasperski, Katarzyna Kolmetz, Radosław Kwaśnik and Kamil Maj for developing the project “Polipack 2024 – Business Development Strategy for High Quality Plastic Packaging Manufacturer “
  • Jolanta Breiteneder, Filip Matulewicz, Tomasz Orankiweicz and Marcin Świdziński for the project “ABB Motion Service Improvement Project Capturing Market Opportunities in Poland”

After the ceremony, performance of the excellent Chamber Choir of the Collegium Musicum and ceremonial speeches given by prof. Alojzy Nowak, dr Tomasz Ludwicki and members of Alumni Association, the unofficial part has started. Its first element was ceremonial opening of the new seat of our MBA program in the renovated floor of the Faculty Management of the University of Warsaw. Modern classrooms with various possibilities of arrangement and multimedia use are available to MBA students on class days, and on other days they are used by other students of the Faculty of Management. In the end, there was the time for photos and refreshments, and in the evening our graduates celebrated their successes at the Ball.