EMBA @ UW Association – Virtual Business Mixer – “How do investors benefit from the warehouse boom?” – May 26 at 18.00

How can an individual investor earn on a boom in warehouses?

Which part of Europe is the most attractive in terms of investments in warehouse projects? What is the investment process of a warehouse project – how long does it take and how much can you earn? How has the warehouse real estate market developed in recent years and at what stage of expansion is it now? Has Covid influenced the investment real estate market? Why is the warehouse market so attractive nowadays?

Date and Time:

May 26, 2021 18:00 – 19:30

Organizer: Warsaw-Illinois Executive MBA Alumni Association and Executive MBA @ UW “Nowy Świat”. http://www.alumni.org.pl/


MCZ UW https://www.mcz.edu.pl/

IPOPEMA TFI POLANDhttps://ipopematfi.pl/



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Jacek Koprowski – Director of the Real Estate Fund Management Department at IPOPEMA TFI, one of the founding members and a long-term member of the board of the Warsaw-Illinois Executive MBA Alumni Association and Executive MBA @ UW “Nowy Świat”

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