Cruise around the Canary Islands 9-16 January 2021

Ahoy, we encourage you to experience the ocean adventure on single-hull yachts with double cabins. These are perfectly equipped and safe boats that allow you to enjoy  sailing. Several bathrooms and fully equipped kitchens increase the comfort of the cruise.The route goes around the three Canary Islands: Tenerife – La Palma – La Gomery. There is also the possibility of seeing El Hierro, but both the winds and the will of the crew must be favorable.

The program consists of days with sailing as the main focus. Then we sail from island to island. After reaching the island, we rent a car on the second day and a sightseeing program is carried out, i.e. visiting the picturesque corners of the island, black volcanic beaches, tasting Spanish cuisine and admiring the scenery. Purchasing supplies can be made every day. Mainly, however, it is about making friends, and the implementation of the program is supposed to foster this. Eating meals is rather on the boat. We buy products ourselves and prepare the food ourselves. It is also preferable to eat dinner in the harbor taverns. Then everyone pays for themselves. It  is around 10-15 Euro per evening „in the city”. Or you can cut back on this and have your dinner on the boat. Alcohol is consumed after swimming. Every day, after checking the weather, there is a discussion about the need to adjust the program.

PROGRAM: January 9 – 16, 2021


Lending the boat, fast grocery shopping, around 3:00 pm we start the cruise to Los Gigantes.


If everything goes well, we will still manage to organize a walk in the Maska Gorge. This requires us to get up very early.

Then we set off on a cruise to La Palma. We have over 60 NM ahead of us, so this is the biggest challenge of our sailing escapade. All day on the boat, yupiii…  First thing to see along the coast of Tenerife are the famous Los Gigantos (steep cliffs) at its end.

Then we take the direction to the still invisible Santa Cruz. On the other hand, the monumental volcano El Teide, 3718 m above sea level, will be saying goodbye to us for a long time.

After arriving in the capital of the island of La Palma, we will take a short stroll through the old town towards a replica of the Columbus ship which in Santa Cruz stocked all food and water, before setting out to conquer America.Monday

We rent a car and go sightseeing, we can’t do it all, but we try as much as possible … Rogue de Los Muchachos, an observatory at a height of 2426 above sea level  in the north of the island. Fortunately, car entry is possible until the very end.

San Antonio and Teneguia volcano. In the south of the island. It’s a long road, but it’s worth it. There will be no time for food. Sandwiches made in the morning will come in handy now.

And right by the sea, in the very south of the island, it is worth watching the manual extraction of salt.


If the will In the crew will be positive and there is a desire to sail, we take off on El Hiero. A lot of sailing, but also enough for a day for sightseeing. The island is intended rather for those who avoid the hustle and civilization. It is the least populated island. Artists and loners like it here. The choice of the destination port must be discussed. Closer is distant from cities (photo below). And the one in the south, apart from the port city of La Restinga, is close to an underwater volcano, which can errupt at any time.


We sail to La Gomera.


We rent a car and visit La Gomera. This is a completely different island –it is green. Full of deep ravines, rocky peaks, a laurel forest shrouded in fog or terraced slopes of ravines.  A week here is not enough …Friday

We return to Tenerife and we cry because the end of our trip is approaching. In the evening there is time for reminding, tightening bonds and planning the next trip.


  1. 9.00 we return the boat.


Airline tickets – PLN 888-1200 per person

Renting a boat PLN 1600 – per person (payable in 2 installments)

Side contribution (port costs, fuel, after-boat cleaning, food and drink on the boat) – 150 Euro / person. (payable on the spot).

Note that if the tickets and car rentals wil be paid usuing common money, a surcharge will be made.

We assume that everyone will bring a sleeping bag or their own bed linen and a towel.

Krzysztof Pajączek,, 723 998 528.

Ahoy adventure!