Covid-19 – While waiting for the vaccine, we recall the life story of Hilary Koprowski, the Polish discoverer of the vaccine against polio

Covid-19 vaccine. This word has appeared very often in our conversations recently. During the webinar organized by the Association (link to the report) with Professor Janusz Kocik and Dr. Dorota Świetlicka, the topic of the vaccine appeared very often. Thanks to Jacek Koprowski, we all learned about the life story of the Polish scientist Hilary Koprowski, the discoverer of the Heine-Medina vaccine (also known as polio), a disease that caused epidemics in the 1950s and 1960s around the world. Jacek is a descendant of Professor Hilary Koprowski and a board member of the Koprowski Foundation.

We encourage you to read the full life story of this Polish scientist.

Hilary Koprowski