Report from the webinar – “Private Debt in Poland as a form of financing. Structuring the transaction.”

On July 1, 2020, a webinar was held on how to finance enterprises in the form of debt and a hybrid of debt and certain features of equity capital, i.e. generally speaking – mezzaine. These forms of capital supply from the investment side and are also a very profitable way of allocating free financial resources of individual and institutional investors. The meeting was very practical, thanks to the participation of professional entities from the capital market like Prosper Capital Dom Maklerski S.A. and Mount TFI S.A., in this webinar. Continue reading

Report from the webinar – “Investing in the real estate market”

On June 17, 2020, an extremely interesting virtual seminar on investing in the housing market took place. This meeting was exceptional not only due to the investment fever we are currently observing on the market, including the housing market, but also due to the institutions partnering the event:, and, of course, MCZ Continue reading