Canoeing on the Czarna Hańcza river and the Augustów Canal

From the 23 to 25 July (Friday-Sunday) we met at the recreational canoeing trip on the Czarna Hańcza and the Augustów Canal.

We sailed the most beautiful section of Czarna Hańcza, leading through the “heart” of the Augustów Primeval Forest. In this section, the river meanders in serpentines alternately among picturesque forests and marshy meadows of forest villages. The route is available even for beginner canoeists, did not require any kayaking experience or physical preparation: we swam with the current of the river, there were no waterfalls or other water thresholds along the way, there was no need to carry the kayaks through shallows or water obstacles (e.g. tree trunks lying in water). A winding river, quite wide, with a gentle current making it easier to flow. Fallen trees in places that can be flowed around. Convenient places for a stop and a bath on the route. Each settlement flowed at its own pace, rowing or in some places simply flowing with the current of the river and admiring the picturesque views, forest and water vegetation, dragonflies, ducks and swans.

All participants of the rafting trip came to Dworczysko on Friday in order to take part in the integration evening organised by “Avant Kayak”. After spending the night – according to our preferences – in a barn, rooms or tents, the next day, on Saturday morning, we drove from Dworczysko to the starting point of the trip to Frącki, from where we sailed to our camp in Dworczysko (approx. 14 km).

Along the way, there were several places where you could go ashore to rest or to buy, for example, coffee, buns with berry filling, usually sold by local entrepreneurs.

Also on Saturday evening, we lit a campfire by the river, roasted meat, vegetables and other delicacies, telling stories and singing to the guitar.

After getting enough sleep, a morning toilet and a slow breakfast made by ourselves or using the host’s offer, we packed the tents and after capturing a few photos of participants and swans swimming at the marina, we started the second day of rafting on the Czarna Hańcza and the Augustów Canal, this time on the Dworczysko-Mikaszówka route ( approx. 12 km).