The report of the Christmas online meeting and wine tasting.

On December 9, 2020, the Christmas Meeting of the EMBA @ UW Alumni Association “Nowy Świat” took place. This event was combined with an online wine tasting, organized by Ms Ewa Rybak, and hosted by a wine critic – Mr. Wojciech Bońkowski (, Ferment magazine). The meeting was extremely successful, which was confirmed by the enthusiasm and commitment of the participants.

The meeting was opened by the president of the Alumni Association – Sylwester Wybranowski, welcoming all participants, in particular the Dean of the Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw, prof. dr hab. Grzegorz Karasiewicz, director of EMBA @ UW, Dr. Tomasz Ludwicki, Tomasz Dalach – the first President of the WIEMBA Association, as well as event partners: Piotr Teleon from Prosper Capital Dom Maklerski S.A. and Radosław Kowalczyk from Transition Technologies PSC. After a short introduction Sylwester Wybranowski asked for the floor of prof. Krasiewicz.

The Dean of the Faculty of Management thanked both for the invitation and for the commitment of students and graduates of the Faculty of Management and EMBA @ UW, thanks to which the process of renewing the Equis accreditation is successful. Prof. Karasiewicz talked about the renovation of the Faculty of Management, which is now taking place at ul. Szturmowa 3. The lecture rooms will meet the highest requirements, combining functionality with technology, and will also enable hybrid teaching. The modernization of the building is so advanced that it is already possible to move the EMBA @ UW office from Nowy Świat to Szturmowa street.

Dr. Tomasz Ludwicki also expressed his gratitude to the graduates for their support in the process of renewing the Equise accreditation. It is a complicated and time-consuming process, but its successful completion confirms the high quality of studies at the Faculty of Management.

The participants of the meeting eagerly waited for the start of wine tasting. The day before, everyone who wanted to participate in the tasting received samples of wines to be presented. Mr. Wojciech Bońkowski started the meeting by outlining the background of Polish winemaking. Thanks to this, it was possible to learn about the growing popularity of Polish wines in the wine world. The produced hybrids (grapevines that cope better in cooler climates with a shorter growing time, are resistant to fungal diseases) are well accepted in our climate, giving high-quality alcohol. The guests of the meeting got acquainted with eight Polish wines, including five white wines, one pink and two red.The first white wine from the Vanellus vineyard, Johanniter grape, Meridium vintage 2018. Sour, according to some participants. Described by the lecturer as a light wine suitable for light dishes such as a salad. It should be mentioned here that although Mr. Bońkowski advised dishes which would be best suited for a given wine, he also made a reservation that the choice of wine with a meal is a matter of individual taste. Professional sommeliers approach the topic of connections rather “loosely” at home. The first sample of wine from Jasło, near Krosno, is the production of a small family vineyard. The authors themselves describe it as a wine with the aroma of pear, apricot with a strong structure and juicy acidity. The participants’ feelings confirmed this.

The second wine, the 2019 Souvignier Gris, from the Kojder vineyard, is unique and currently no longer available for purchase. An exceptionally successful copy, which was represented by only 400 bottles. Courageous young siblings who took the risk of establishing a vineyard in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship were hailed as a discovery by famous world critics. This is undoubtedly a success of two young manufacturers. This wine received the most positive reviews from the participants of the tasting.The third proposal by Wojciech Bońkowski is Pinot Gris, Daphne vintage 2018 from the SkarpaDobrska vineyard near Kazimierz Dolny. This region is known for its abundant sun. Additionally, the 2018 year was an exceptionally warm season and this warmth lasted until late autumn, giving the clusters time to mature for a long time. As a result, the wine produced in 2018 gives great satisfaction, with a large dose of apple and candied fruit aromas, it is perfect for fish dishes that do not necessarily have to be seasoned. It is light and juicy on its own.The fourth dry white wine presented was Riesling from 2019 from the vineyard of Marek Krojcig – Stara Winna Góra. The vineyard near Zielona Góra was taken over at a very young age by Marek Krojcig from his father. It turned out that he is a very talented young wine producer whose wines are no strangers to connoisseurs from around the world. The participants assessed the wine very well. There was a fruity aroma. Deep, elegant flavor, perfect for fish dishes. The host recommended a goat cheese salad, something light with a spicier taste.

The fifth wine presented was a pink, dry wine from the Turnau vineyard from 2019. Rosé surprised the participants with its taste and aroma. The fruity lightness and versatility of a wine that goes well with both light vegetable dishes and grilled meat is an excellent proposition. Some participants were surprised by the information that pink wines have become more fashionable than white or red wines. This fashion forced winemakers to become interested in the production of this type of wines.

The sixth wine presented was the first red offer during the tasting. Dry wine from the Moderna – Rondo vineyard from 2018. Moderna Vineyard belongs to the Dolnośląskie Vineyards Association, which has created an excellent offer for people interested in enotourism. The wine itself, deep in aroma and taste, was liked by the participants of the tasting.The penultimate offer of red wine from the Płochocki vineyard – Pinot Noir 2018. The vineyard was known to some participants before. During the presentation of this wine, you could read the comments in the chat that it is the best wine so far. Wine that takes a while to breathe before being consumed. Here, Mr. Bońkowski mentioned two things that will significantly increase the pleasure of drinking wine: a good opener and decent glasses. A noticeable aroma of cherries and sour cherries coming from the aging process in an oak barrel. It was undoubtedly the perfect experience for the taste buds.The last wine surprised the participants as there was a return to white wine. A completely unique white wine from the Jakubów vineyard – Solaris Na Skórkach vintage 2018. Its amber, deep color and sweet taste were left for dessert. On the website, we can read that it is recommended for the Christmas Eve table or as a unique gift.The concept of combining a Christmas meeting with wine tasting turned out to be one hundred percent successful. Wojciech Bońkowski talked about wines, vineyards, producers and trends, arousing the interest of all listeners. Thrue the chat, participants asked many interesting questions about the details of consumption, food combinations, history, wine origins and many more. At the end, everyone thanked the organizers for the tasting. Prof. Karasiewicz invited to the Faculty od Management Christmas meeting, and Sylwester Wybranowski expressed his hope for another successful meeting.


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