Greece Cruise: Corfu 2018

After the successful cruise Sardinia/Corsica 2017 in September. For the listeners and MBA graduates I would like you in collaboration with an MBA alumni association to propose another nautical project.

Date: 8-15 September 2018

Place of Charter: Ionian Sea; Greece Corfu, Marina Gouvia
Yachts/Skippers: Czarterujemy comfortable, almost new 12-passenger, 5-cabin yachts, after about 15 meters long (on one yacht, however, we predict no more than 10 people.) All yachts have Rolling cave, thruster and plotter in the cockpit.

Currently we have pre-booked 2 yachts: Bavaria Cruiser 51; 2015-2017, the shipowner KIRIACOULIS. The skippers will be MBA graduates. Traditionally, skippers did not participate in the cost of yacht charter, but in other costs already so.

Participants: Graduates and current MBA program listeners

Costs of participating in the flight:

The cost of participating in the flight is 475 euros or the equivalent in PLN, i.e. 2100zł.

There are two more vacancies. Nautical experience is not necessary.

Best regards
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